5 compartment tray with lid

Product information

TP052 5 Compartment DeepTray With Lid
Specification 282×220×37.5mm/286×225×14.5mm
Weight 37g/26g
Carton Pack 100pcs×2pack/100pcs×2pack
Carton Dimension 470×460×305mm
Container Stuffing 20’F 424CTNS
40’F 878CTNS
40’HQ 1030CTNS


1.     Natural:100% natural fiber pulp, healthy and sanitary to use.

2.     Non-toxic: no toxic substance or odor is released even in high temperature or in acid/alkali condition;100% food contact safety

3.     Microwaveable: safe to be used in microwave, oven and refrigerator

4.     Biodegradable and compostable:100% biodegrade within two month

5.     Recyclable: renewable; reuse to make paper

6.     Water and oil resistance:212°F/100°C hot water and 248°F/120°C oil resistant

7.     Top quality with competitive price

8.     Customers design acceptable

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